About us

NYHF is founded to strengthen healthcare partnerships and knowledge sharing around the world at all levels.


NYHF is held quarterly, gathering and sharing the movements of healthcare industry from all different point of view.


NYHF recognizes and honors significant achievements by an individual or an organization who contributed to the advancement of the healthcare industry or the WMSG.


Both NYHF website and event sponsorship opportunities are available. Organizations that sponsor our forums are afforded a number of benefits to help build visibility with our attendees and participants.


  • Rebecca Cooper
    Place to learn importance of biopharma industry.

    It was a true privilege to participate in the forum. Things I learned at the forum about the importance of pharmaceutical and biotech industry will forever influence my work as consultant.
  • Sarah Smith
    Where vital collaboration and fruitful partnerships emerge.

    As a result of the forum, we’ll see vital collaboration and fruitful partnerships emerge, bringing important progress and viable solutions to our world.
  • Sophia G. Emerson
    A process that leads to tangible progress.

    The New York Health Forum is more than a conversation among important stakeholders; it provides a process that leads to tangible Progress. Things discussed here will be developed and to be implemented as a real life cases of better healthcare.

  • Justin Brown
    Innovative, memorable forum

    The inaugural forum in 2014 was an innovative, memorable forum where ideas on healthcare and better quality of care delivery were discussed among distinguished experts and professionals. I look forward to see this forum to be expanded beyond New York and achieve new heights.