WHAT IS NYHF?supports global medical and life sciences innovation and collaborations to strengthen healthcare partnerships and knowledge sharing around the world at all levels, including industry, academia, medical and research facilities, service providers and financial investors. Scientia potential est – Knowldege is power. The expert knowledge has fueled unparalleled development of health industry and empowered the growth of one of the most rapidly changing industries of the 21st Century.

MISSION New York Health Forum’s mission is to present the significant agendas for healthcare industry, to contribute to public health by bring out the public concerns to be discussed and solved; and to gather the sound of health policy, science innovation and industry development.

A major goal of NYHF is to create the foundation of communication among all areas of healthcare industry resulting in solution which combines the ideas of science, industry, and policy for a healthier society.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to see that our organization continued to build on its programs, innovate and lead into new initiatives. We established the New York Health Forum in response to emerging needs in healthcare arena for the mutual collaboration and multi-lateral connection.

Under the slogan of “Connection to Improve the Human Health”, the New York Health Forum programs are designed to bring together healthcare industry executives, policy makers, bio-pharma scientists, and medical practitioners to discuss how to realize the goal of a healthier world through the effective utilization of innovations in sciences, advancement in industry and implementation of policies.

The New York Health Forum is a platform to hands-on and face to face interactions and collaborations. The NYHF welcomes all of you to join us for the exciting journey of navigating better healthcare.

Thank you for your support of the New York Health Forum.

DO. H. Cho, PhD

Chairman of the Board, New York Health Forum
President and CEO of W Medical Strategy Group