1st Forum:
Forecasting Healthcare in 2015 & Trans-Cultural Healthcare

December 18th, Thursday
3:00 ~ 6:00pm
Yale Club of New York

1. OPENING: DoHyun Cho, PhD (3:00~3:10 pm)

DoHyun Cho, PhD
(CEO and President, W Medical Strategy Group/ Chairman, New York Health Forum)
“New York Health Forum: Connection to Improve the Human Health”


2. FORUM: Moderator Joe McMenamin, MD, JD

Session1: Forecasting Healthcare in 2015 (3:10~4:10 pm)
“Challenges and Opportunities for Pharma, Devices and Healthcare Providers” 


Tae-wan Kim, PhD (Columbia University Medical School)
Geoffrey Kaiser, JD (Rivkin Raddler LLP)
Bob Lee (Former HiOssen America)
Mark Paxton, JD (W Medical Strategy Group)
Session2: Establishing New Healthcare Initiatives (4:10~5:00 pm)
“Trans-Cultural Healthcare” 


Chul S. Hyun, MD, PhD (World Korean Medical Organization)
Woodson C. Merrell, MD (Center for Health and Healing)


3. AWARD CEREMONY (5:00~5:20 pm)

The WMSG Distinguished Contribution Award

Larry Slatky (WMSG, W MediTech)
Sangji Lee (WMSG, WKMO)

4. Networking Reception(5:20~6:00 pm)

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