3rd Forum:
Future is Now: The Era of Mobile Health

A smart phone comes with a built-in heart rate sensor located just beneath the camera checking your beats per minute. A wrist watch can count your calories and steps, track your workouts, and monitor your heart rate. Whether your goal is monitoring your health for medical reasons, or just losing weight, or simply to live a better life, wearable and related health apps can help you do that. The term mHealth is used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices and information and communication technology(ICT). Remote biometric monitoring enabled older people to remain independently at home, cloud platform based technologies are transforming clinical developments into easier, cheaper, and faster procedures. With Mobile health technologies, better treatments and health services can reach waiting patients much sooner and better. In 3rd New York Health Forum, mHealth experts and industry leaders will sit together to share their insights and discuss to explore best solutions to navigate the Era of mobile health.


May 21st (Thursday), 2015
1:00 ~ 4:30pm
Explorer’s club: 46 E 70th St, New York, NY 10021

NETWORK RECEPTION (12:30~1:00pm)

Opening Statement (1:00~1:15pm)
“Future is Now: The Era of Mobile Health”

DoHyun Cho, Chairman, New York Health Forum
(CEO & President, W Medical Strategy Group)



Session1: :Current Status, Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Health” (1:15~2:30pm)
Moderator: Joe McMenamin, MD, JD (EVP, W Medical Strategy Group)


Paula Wilson (President, Joint Commission International (JCI))
Les Funtleyder, MPH (Portfolio Manager, Esquared Asset Management)
Geoffrey Kaiser, JD (Partner, Rivkin Raddler LLP, former Federal Prosecutor)
Mark Paxton, JD (EVP, W Medical Strategy Group)
Networking Break (2:30~3:00pm)
Special Remark (3:00~3:10pm)
Chul S. Hyun, MD, PhD (President of World Korean Medical Organization)
“Mobile Health: Increased Access to Care”
Session2: “Patient Engagement in mHealth” (3:10~4:25pm)
Moderator: Kimberly Ha, Senior Director, FTI Consulting


Unity Stoakes (Co-founder and President, StartUp Health)
Kevin Kumler, MBA (Vice President, ZocDoc)
Kara Dennis (Managing Director, Medidata)
Shira Derasmo (Director of Communications and Marketing, Humana At Home)




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